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Professional teeth cleanings help you avoid a buildup of plaque and calculus/tartar that lead to gum disease and tooth decay. At Care Dental in Everett, Washington, experienced dentists James S Lee, DDS, Sung-A Elizabeth Ro-Lee, DMED, and their expert team provide teeth cleanings and oral exams that detect any problems with your teeth or gums early when treatment is most effective. Call the office or request an appointment online to learn more about teeth cleaning today.

Teeth Cleaning Q&A

What is involved in teeth cleaning?

Professional teeth cleanings are part of essential preventive dental care. Teeth cleaning clears your mouth of plaque and calculus/tartar that harbor bacteria, which lead to unhealthy gums and teeth. Teeth cleaning prevents problems that undermine your oral health. 

During a teeth cleaning, your provider: 

  • Polishes your teeth enamel
  • Remove minor stains
  • Removes plaque and calculus/tartar with dental scalers
  • Provides fluoride treatments

A teeth cleaning may also include X-rays, to look at the underlying structures in your jaw and teeth. During a teeth cleaning, your dentist may also recommend sealants that protect teeth from developing cavities. Sealants are particularly effective for children. 

Schedule professional cleanings twice per year. If you have dental problems, like periodontal disease, you may benefit from more frequent appointments. 

Why do I need professional teeth cleaning?

Even if you have diligent brushing and flossing habits, you need a professional teeth cleaning. There is plaque that a toothbrush can’t effectively reach, but your hygienist can. 

Maintaining good oral health is important for your mouth, but it also has a direct effect on your overall health. Studies have linked poor oral health to conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, and pneumonia. 

A professional teeth cleaning also helps you maintain good gum health, which also affects your teeth and systemic health. 

What is it like to get a teeth cleaning? 

Your dental cleaning may begin with X-rays (if you’re due). Usually X-rays are only performed once a year, yet cleanings should occur every six months. 

Your hygienist does an overall review of your mouth and then uses specialized instruments to scrape off any plaque and calculus/tartar buildup. How long this process takes depends on the extent of plaque you have on your teeth. Usually, if you have good at-home brushing and flossing habits, your hygienist has less work to do.

Once your teeth are clear, your hygienist uses a small, spinning brush and professional-grade toothpaste to clean off your teeth. Your cleaning ends with flossing and, if necessary, a fluoride treatment. 

If you’re due for a teeth cleaning, call Care Dental or request an appointment online today.