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Teeth Whitening services offered in Everett, WA

Pearly white teeth allow you to smile confidently in photos, meetings, and one-on-one conversations. At Care Dental in Everett, Washington, experienced dentists James S Lee, DDS, Sung-A Ro-Lee, DMD, and their skilled team offer a professional teeth whitening service to make your teeth several shades lighter in just one visit. Call the office or request an appointment online to learn more about teeth whitening today. 

Teeth Whitening Q&A

Why do teeth change color?

Teeth naturally discolor as you age. However, lifestyle habits can also diminish the brightness of your smile. Improper brushing habits or repetitive consumption of red wine, coffee, tea, or foods with curry or spaghetti sauce can affect the color of your teeth.  

If you’re concerned with yellowing teeth, Care Dental can help with teeth whitening. In-office teeth whitening makes your teeth brighter in just one visit. At-home professional whitening can also provide more gradual, but equally impactful, results. 

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

You can pick up whitening toothpaste or strips at your local drug store, but these products have relatively mild concentrations of whitening solutions. As a result, you may use them for weeks with little noticeable results. 

Professional whitening formulas are more effective at making a change in your smile. If you really want a gleaming smile, visit Care Dental. The professional whitening process also protects your mouth’s soft tissues so you have less sensitivity during and after the procedure. 

Care Dental uses proven products for teeth whitening. If you have severe discoloration due to medications or tooth injury, they also offer internal bleaching (walking bleach technique), veneers, or crowns to improve your smile. 

What is professional at-home teeth whitening?

The team at Care Dental provides customized whitening trays that can be filled with a professional grade solution that you wear at home to achieve gradually whiter teeth. The trays fit your mouth precisely, unlike drugstore strips, so the solution penetrates the stains on your teeth effectively.

You wear them about 30 minutes a day for a week or two to get a brighter smile. 

What is it like to get in-office teeth whitening?

If you want a more dramatic change in just one visit, you may consider in-office whitening. The teeth-whitening process takes just about an hour. The team covers the soft tissues in your mouth and then applies the professional strength whitening gel to your teeth. After 2-3 applications of the whitening agents, you leave with teeth that are several shades lighter.

Following whitening, you may have temporary sensitivity to hot and cold foods, but this fades with time. 

To learn more about teeth whitening, call Care Dental or request an appointment online today.